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3WH: Empathy Meets Expertise in Funeral Homes

Specialists in Funeral Home Digital Marketing, Guided by the Values of Compassion and Respect, Elevating Your Brand Online.



In this increasingly digital world, the significance of a strong online presence is more vital than ever—particularly for sensitive sectors such as bereavement care and funeral services. 3WH brings you sector-specific digital marketing strategies designed to not just enhance your online visibility but to do so with the dignity and respect that the funeral home industry demands.

  • Expand Your Reach: A strong online presence connects you to a diverse global audience.
  • Drive Conversions: With 85% of consumers researching online, enhance your online presence to guide them towards conversion.
  • Build Trust: Online reviews wield significant influence; maintain a pristine digital reputation to instill trust.
  • Elevate Service Quality: Digital tools improve customer outreach and service quality, providing actionable insights for continuous enhancement.
  • Guiding with Care: Help your clients convert effectively with a strong online presence. Over 85% of global consumers turn to the internet before making service decisions.
why 3wh
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Proof of Our Profound Impact

Our case studies are a testament to the difference we've made in the funeral home and bereavement care sectors. We delve into the real-world impact of our strategies, from lead generation to digital reputation management. Each case study provides an in-depth look at the challenges faced, solutions implemented, and results achieved.

Featured Case Studies: Revolutionising Funeral Services: How 3WhiteHats Achieved a 40% Reduction in Cost per Lead for Invocare's 20 Brands in New Zealand and Elliotts Funeral Services' COVID-19 Pivot with 3WH's Facebook Strategy

Our Impact

  • 52% Surge in Google Search Conversion Rate
  • 190% Increase in Paid Social Conversions
  • 190% Boost in Google Search Impression Share Post-Campaign Optimisation

Our Services

Reach out with compassion with our progressive but non-invasive Digital Strategies

3WH ensures that along with increasing leads and conversions, your brand maintains a positive and supportive digital image. Our solutions are built for sustained success, including tailored strategies for bereavement care.

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Seamless and Sensitive SEO

Our comprehensive SEO services include everything from website audits and keyword research to specialised strategies for cremation digital marketing, all designed to improve your online visibility while respecting the sensitive nature of your industry.

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Stunning and Sensitive Web Design

Our team crafts conversion-focused, industry-relevant websites, ensuring your digital storefront is both functional and sensitive to the needs of grieving families.

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Sincere Social Media Marketing

We engage your target audience through highly-targeted social media campaigns that resonate with the care and compassion inherent to your services.

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PPC with a Purpose

Our specialists are proficient at creating cost-effective Pay Per Click campaigns that deliver maximum ROI without compromising the dignity of your service.

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Guarding Your Online Reputation

We proactively manage your digital reputation across all channels, ensuring that your services are perceived with the trust and respect they deserve.

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Local SEO for Local Needs

Our geo-targeted keyword optimisation and local citation strategies ensure that you're highly visible and accessible to the communities you serve.

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Content That Cares

We produce content that not only aligns with your digital campaigns but also resonates with the emotional needs of your clientele.

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Customer-Centric Conversions

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation strategies are designed to enhance your conversion rates, tailored to the unique demands and sensitivities of the funeral home industry.

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Hear from our clients

Your Trust , Our Treasure

The words of our clients serve as both testimonials to our effectiveness and as motivation for continuous improvement. These endorsements illustrate the measurable impacts we've had on SaaS companies, whether it’s driving user adoption or increasing monthly recurring revenue.

We were impressed by Isaac’s professionalism, empathy and the effort he went through in order to understand our business, our situation and come up with positive practical solutions. He also did a great job of demystifying social media for us and his solutions were practical, effective and enabled us to achieve all three of our stated goals. 

1. Greater community awareness engagement. 
2. Increased (on or above budget) financial performance. 
3. More unified cohesive and focused team.

I'm very confident Isaac and his team can deliver solution focussed plans that get results and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Grant Davidson

Our Knowledge Base

Our mission is to bring impactful, lasting change within the funeral home sector, championing compassionate and dignified services.

Local Bereavement Services


Elevate your local funeral home's reputation with our expert local SEO services. We excel in strengthening your community's trust and visibility.

Optimise Service Packages


Empower Your Brand: Our SEO services help you refine your funeral and memorial packages to reach families who need you most.

Boost Conversions


Effective Conversion Optimisation ensures you turn website visits into meaningful engagements.

Compassionate Content


Comfort Your Audience: We create informative and empathetic content to support grieving families and build trust.

Enhance User Experience


Enhance website performance and accessibility with our expert Technical SEO services, designed for optimal online success.

Data-Driven Insights


Surpass your competitors by strategically targeting high-value clients, allowing you to secure a more significant share of the market and solidify your position as an industry leader.

Campaign Management


Effectively attract attention while upholding respect through our well-managed campaigns and expert media buying services.

Caring for a Wider Audience


In a world where billions are online, our robust digital strategies ensures that your vital services are accessible to a far-reaching and diverse audience.

Tailored Strategies


We understand the nuances of the funeral home industry. Our strategies aren't one-size-fits-all; they're meticulously crafted, keeping in mind the unique needs of your business.

Holistic Approach


We understand the importance of compassionate customer service, reputation management, and effective engagement, ensuring a holistic approach to digital marketing.

Innovation and Expertise


We blend the latest digital marketing innovations with our deep industry expertise to ensure your online presence is not only effective but also influential and genuinely impactful.

Genuine Partnership


With 3WH, you're not just another client. We genuinely invest in your success. Your achievements resonate as our accomplishments, making our partnership truly symbiotic.

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What Sets 3WH Apart

Navigating Compassion, Crafting Excellence

3WH stands apart in the digital marketing landscape through our deep understanding of the funeral home and bereavement care industry. Our custom-tailored, empathetic strategies respect the sensitivities of your service, ensuring your online presence is both effective and considerate. We value transparent communication, offering comprehensive services that encompass everything from enhancing visibility to customer interaction. Our approach is guided by digital sensitivity, acknowledging the unique nature of your industry, and delivering bespoke, conversion-focused campaigns to achieve optimal results.

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Deep Industry Understanding

Our expertise doesn't just lie in the realm of digital marketing; we possess an intimate understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the bereavement care industry. This enables us to craft strategies that truly resonate with your community.

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Empathetic Approach

We recognise that bereavement care is a sector requiring not just skill but also empathy and understanding. We approach each project with the utmost sensitivity, ensuring that your digital presence is not just effective, but also respectful and appropriate.

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Transparent Communication

Openness and transparency are fundamental to how we operate. We provide regular updates, detailed reports, and maintain an open line of communication, so you always know the status and success of your campaigns.

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Comprehensive Service

From boosting online visibility to enhancing customer interaction, we offer a holistic digital marketing solution. We understand that your mission is multi-faceted, and our services reflect this complexity.

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Embracing Digital Sensitivity

We understand that the funeral home business isn't just another sector; it's a compassionate service that requires a unique approach. We have successfully channelled the power of digital media to help businesses like yours not only stand out but also serve communities effectively.

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Crafting Excellence for Funeral Homes

We craft bespoke, conversion-focused campaigns specially designed for the funeral home and cremation sectors. With the aim of achieving optimal ROI, our strategies span from generating quality leads to ensuring successful conversions.



Navigating Grief in the Digital Age

We believe that sharing knowledge is a vital part of what we do, and it's particularly crucial in a sensitive sector like funeral care. Our blog covers a range of topics, from managing online reviews in the bereavement sector to utilising social media for outreach, all while maintaining the dignity and respect this sector demands. We explore the unique challenges of the funeral home industry and offer actionable strategies to meet them head-on.

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7 Powerful Insights: Positively Shielding Your Funeral Home Marketing Budget from Costly Pitfalls

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does digital marketing benefit the funeral home industry?

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Digital marketing extends your reach, improves credibility, and enhances customer service.

How does 3WH ensure ROI from digital marketing campaigns?

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We develop conversion-focused strategies tailored to the funeral home industry, ensuring you get maximum value for your investment.

What makes 3WH different from other agencies?

FAQ plus

Our commitment to innovation, a data-driven approach, and unwavering integrity sets us apart.

How do you maintain online reputation for businesses?

FAQ plus

We employ the latest tools and software to monitor, respond, and manage content across digital platforms.

Can I get regular updates on my campaigns?

FAQ plus

Absolutely! We believe in transparency and ensure our clients are updated frequently on campaign progress.

What’s the importance of Local SEO for funeral homes?

FAQ plus

Local SEO ensures that your services are easily accessible to your immediate community, enhancing local visibility and engagement.

Like to find out more about our Digital SaaS Solutions for Funeral Homes? Contact us to have an open and transparent discussion on protecting, growing and scaling your business while being compassionate and supportive with your audience.