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Data is King

Maximise your marketing by ensuring that you have a healthy database to market to


Data cleansing and enrichment

Stop losing money on outdated data. Keep your customer lists up-to-date and accurate with data cleaning. We can help you compare your existing data to our up-to-date and compliant records. Data scrubbing will help your sales team focus on what matters most - selling - by making sure you have the most relevant information about your leads. Don't let incorrect or irrelevant data reduce your return on marketing efforts and productivity. Upload your CRM or other customer databases to clean your data, update records, and remove incorrect data - get more out of your current customer lists.

people are working
people are working

Data acquisition

If you're looking to acquire high-quality leads and contacts without having to hire an entire marketing team, 3WH is the perfect solution. Our process has been designed to help you find qualified prospects at an affordable price and can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. Whether you're a small start-up or an established business, our lead gen service can help you reach your goals. With 3WH, you'll have access to high-quality leads and contacts in no time!

Improve on your relationship with Sales

Save money and make the most of your marketing and sales campaigns by ensuring your newly acquired and existing contacts are up-to-date with their current addresses, phone numbers, and more. Avoid the cost of contacting outdated leads and reduce wasted efforts, campaigns, and time of your sales department. Our data enrichment will also help you take advantage of wealth-scoring to create more personalised campaigns and identify your target markets. In addition, you won't have to worry about contacting someone who doesn't want to be called, as our data washing will make sure you're in compliance with the Do Not Call Register. Learn more about your audiences and make the most of your same contacts by acquiring updated information. Re-activating previous customers is much more cost-effective than acquiring new leads.

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