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Technical SEO

Optimising Your Digital Presence with Precision: Where Technology and SEO Intertwine


WHO: Grow your Technical SEO

Enter the realm of 3WH, where we redefine the boundaries of technical SEO. Our team of experts is dedicated to conducting comprehensive website audits that surpass industry standards. But we don't stop there. We've developed our own intelligent spiders, inspired by search engine crawlers, to delve deep into your website's intricacies. Armed with this invaluable information, we craft ingenious strategies and solutions that outshine the competition.

Additionally, we bring extensive experience with common CMS platforms like Wordpress, Stematic, Durpal, Shopify, Webflow, Craft through to IBM Websphere E-commerce.


WHAT: Unveiling the Power of our Technical SEO Audits

At 3WH, our technical SEO audits encompass an extensive range of critical checks designed to propel your website to the forefront:

  • Crawl Analysis: Ensuring that search engine spiders can effortlessly navigate your web pages, identifying and resolving any indexing errors that hinder visibility.
  • Page Load Optimisation: Optimising page load times to enhance website performance, reduce bounce rates, and boost conversion rates.
  • Duplicate Content Detection: Thoroughly examining your website's content to eliminate instances of duplication and enhance uniqueness.
  • Image Optimisation: Scrutinising image optimisation practices to contribute to swift page loads, seamless user experiences, and elevated SEO rankings.
  • Internal Link Structure: Optimising website navigation through an analysis of internal link structure, promoting an intuitive user journey and impressing search engine algorithms.
  • Indexation and Site Architecture: Improving site architecture and indexation to unlock potential for higher rankings and delighted users.
  • Accessibility and Coding: Meticulously examining accessibility features and coding practices to ensure seamless experiences for search engine crawlers and users alike.

WHEN: Migrate with Confidence

Website migration can be a perilous journey, but we're here to guide you through the storm. Our team boasts a proven track record of successful migrations, and we'll handle yours with utmost care. With 3WH by your side, you can confidently migrate your website, safeguarding your organic traffic and preserving your hard-earned search engine rankings. Benefit from our expertise, including improved search engine visibility, flawless redirect migration plans, enhanced domain authority, increased user engagement, and a secure browsing experience.

Tech SEO
Tech SEO

WHERE: Building a Strong Site Architecture

A solid foundation is the key to a sturdy structure. Our SEO team will meticulously audit your existing site architecture, assessing its efficacy. If deemed necessary, we'll map out a tailored architecture that will revolutionise your website's performance. Brace yourself for increased conversions, a streamlined user experience, industry-standard navigation formats, and optimised internal linking strategies.

WHY: Discover Our SEO Solutions

At 3WH, we offer more than just technical SEO excellence. Explore our comprehensive range of SEO solutions to revolutionise your online presence:

  • Technical SEO: Fortify your SEO campaign by laying a solid technical foundation that captivates search engines.
  • Website Migration Support: Embark on a migration journey with peace of mind, knowing that your organic traffic won't be left behind.
  • Local SEO: Unleash the potential of your local business with targeted SEO tactics that resonate with your desired audience.
  • International SEO: Expand your horizons and tap into international markets by implementing multi-country targeting strategies.
  • Link Building: Establish your website as a trusted authority in your industry through strategic and high-quality link building initiatives.
  • Content Development: Fuel your SEO success with captivating and compelling content that not only ranks high but also converts visitors into loyal customers.
Tech SEO
Tech SEO

HOW: Embark on a SEO Journey with 3WH

Allow 3WH to be your guide on the path to SEO excellence. Our innovative and data-driven but human-centric approach will reshape your online presence. Step into the future of SEO with 3WH and grow your business in a way that truly scales, today.


The team at 3WH really broke down SEO for us, making it way easier to get our pages and blogs noticed in search results. Working with them feels less like dealing with a mysterious black box and more like having a savvy partner who gets SEO, content marketing, and link building. Thanks to their help, most of our top tours are now ranking in the top 3 on Google for keywords that our customers search.

Bryce Collins

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