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Website Migration

Seamless Transitions, Superior Rankings: Your Guide to Website Migration for SEO


WHO: 3WH - Pioneering Data-Led Website Migration

Welcome to the world of website migration, where 3WH pioneers a data-led approach to redefine the process and maximise its impact. As industry leaders, we offer a comprehensive website migration service that encompasses everything from initial planning and developer-focused SEO requirements to information architecture (IA) design, 301 mapping, and post-launch support, including standalone marketing pages and the use of tools like Screaming Frog (this top-tier tool enables us to thoroughly crawl and chart both your current and redesigned website, meticulously mapping crucial SEO components such as titles and URL structures). Join us as we explore the importance of website migration and unveil our innovative approach to achieving seamless transitions.


WHAT: The Impact on SEO -Unveiling the Connection

SEO, the art of making websites more accessible to search engines like Google and Bing, plays a crucial role in website migration. During this process, especially in domain-to-domain migrations, the successful transfer of the old website's authority and ranking largely relies on the SEO work done before the migration.

When executed expertly, a well-migrated website can experience minimal to no change in its performance, maintaining its organic visibility and ranking.

WHY: Preserving SEO During Website Migration - Our Proven Process

At 3WH, we follow a meticulous process to ensure seamless website migration without sacrificing SEO effectiveness. Let's explore the key steps we undertake:

  • Research Phase: To lay the foundation for a successful migration, we conduct comprehensive research. This includes keyword research, competitor analysis, identifying content requirements, and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the current website. Armed with these insights, we craft an optimised content information architecture (IA) that aligns with your business objectives.
  • Redirection Mapping: With the content IA structure approved, we proceed to map the existing website's URLs to the new site. This meticulous process ensures a smooth transition and prevents any loss of valuable traffic. We leverage advanced software tools like Screaming Frog to crawl your site, identifying any pages receiving traffic but missing from Google Analytics. Through precise page mapping, we prepare all pages for a flawless upload.
  • Launch: The moment arrives to launch your new site. Our team stands by, ready to provide support and address any unexpected challenges that may arise during the migration process. We ensure a seamless transition to the new website, minimising disruption and maximising the benefits of the migration.
  • Post-migration: Our commitment doesn't end with the launch. We continuously track, monitor, and adjust post-migration to ensure a successful transition. We evaluate key performance indicators such as the status of new URLs (ideally with 200 codes), the correct functioning of the redirect file, traffic and ranking performance over time, and search engine crawlability.

HOW: Unveiling the Tools of Success - Website Migration Tools

Throughout the website migration journey, we leverage a range of cutting-edge tools for research, planning, and benchmarking. Here are some of the tools we employ:

  • Google Analytics: We harness the power of analytics to identify key pages based on their performance and understand user navigation patterns on the current website.
  • Google Search Console: This invaluable tool helps us pinpoint crucial search terms, assess average rankings, identify key pages, and analyse XML sitemap indexation.
  • Page Speed Testing Tools: We employ a combination of tools like Google Page Speed Tester to evaluate the page speed of URLs and identify areas for improvement.
  • Website Crawlers: There are multiple tools like Screaming Frog that we use to enable us to gain deep insights into the scale of your website, including the number of pages and index status.
  • Backlink Analysis Tools: Ahrefs and Google Search Console (GSC) play a pivotal role in understanding your website's backlink profile, allowing us to assess associated pages and ensure a seamless migration.

WHEN: Testing for Success: The Importance of Website Migration Testing

Thorough testing forms a vital component of any website migration, both before and after the transition. Our team collaborates with multiple stakeholders, including website developers and designers, to strike the perfect balance between SEO, user experience (UX), and functionality. By conducting comprehensive testing, we ensure a flawless and effective migration that delivers the desired results.


WHERE: The Time Factor - How Long Does a Website Migration Take?

Website migrations can be time-consuming, with the duration varying depending on the scale of changes and the size of the website. To align our timings with your expectations, we draw upon our experience to account for potential factors that could extend the launch timeline. This includes development changes, technology stack considerations, legal requirements, and internal stakeholder approvals.


Defining Success: The Characteristics of a Successful Site Migration

A successful site migration leaves a minimal impact on the website's organic stature within search engines while maintaining stable website performance. Depending on the nature and goals of the migration, improvements in website performance can also serve as a measure of success. At 3WH, we strive for excellence in every migration, ensuring your online presence remains strong and uninterrupted.


Join 3WH on a Journey of Seamless Website Migration

Embark on a transformative journey with 3WH and unlock the power of website migration. With our data-led approach, proven processes, and cutting-edge tools, we redefine the possibilities, ensuring your website transitions smoothly while preserving SEO effectiveness. Partner with us and experience the unparalleled expertise and dedication that sets us apart in the world of website migration.

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