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Google Ads Management

Target Better, Convert More: Advanced Google Ads Management for Optimal Performance


WHO: 3WH - Your Google Ads Management Experts

At 3WH, we are your trusted Google Ads management experts. With our deep expertise and extensive experience in paid search advertising, we have mastered the art of driving exceptional results for our clients. As a leading digital marketing agency, we pride ourselves on our innovative strategies, meticulous analysis, and transparent reporting. Our team of dedicated professionals is passionate about delivering outstanding performance and helping businesses unlock the true potential of their Google Ads campaigns. Partner with 3WH and experience the expertise and excellence that sets us apart as your trusted Google Ads management partner.


WHAT: Cutting-Edge Google Ads Management

At 3WH, we are dedicated to offering a realistic and results-driven Google Ads management service. Our approach is rooted in a blend of expertise, strategic foresight, and careful execution. Adhering to best-practice architecture, we utilise campaign types tailored to business goals. This ranges from exact-match search campaigns featuring Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) to Performance Max signal-based AI-driven campaigns. These strategies enable us to showcase your inventory of products/solutions across platforms such as Google Shopping, as well as other high-value placements including Discovery, YouTube, and Gmail. With us, you can trust that your objectives will be met with precision and clarity.

WHERE: A No (or as much as you want)-fluff, just results Digital Marketing Agency

3WH, the destination where businesses like yours discover exceptional Google Ads management services. As a leading digital marketing agency, we are committed to protecting, growing, and scaling your online advertising efforts for unparalleled success in the dynamic digital landscape.

When you partner with us, you gain a team of talented professionals who excel in Google Ads management. We combine our expertise with an innovative and humanoid approach to ensure your campaigns reach their full potential and deliver remarkable results.

At 3WH, we believe in data-driven decision making. By diving deep into key metrics, audience insights, and competitor strategies, we craft highly targeted campaigns that drive relevant traffic, increase conversions, and maximise your return on investment.

What sets us apart is our commitment to innovation. We constantly explore emerging trends, leverage new technologies, and pioneer creative strategies to give your Google Ads campaigns a competitive edge. With our tailored approach and focus on your business goals, we not only generate leads and conversions but also build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

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WHY: Drive Outstanding Results

We offer Google Ads management services because we understand the pivotal role search plays in the buyer/lead journey, especially in acquiring new customers or leads in a competitive market. Leveraging the dominant position of Google in the UK market, which holds a share of approximately 90%, we strategise to drive both upper and lower funnel activities. This strategy not only ensures cost-effective clicks but also offers a demonstrable ROI/ROAS. Our expertise and strategic approach are geared to maximise the effectiveness of Google Ads, allowing businesses not just to achieve, but also to exceed their goals and expectations.

WHEN: Ongoing Support for Continuous Growth

We understand that effective paid search requires continuous effort and a well-structured management process. That's why we place great emphasis on setting up campaigns correctly from the start. While it may take time to build campaigns and identify the optimal keywords, this investment pays off in the long run by reducing administrative tasks and maximising efficiency. This allows us to dedicate more time to managing and optimising your campaigns for superior performance.

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HOW: Our Innovative Methodology and Exceptional Results

Our Google Ads management approach is logical and innovative, focusing on four key areas: Build & Implementation, Analysis & Optimisation, Strategy & Experimentation, and Monitoring & Reporting.


  • We believe that a well-structured campaign is essential for effective resource management. We ensure consistent naming conventions across all campaigns, providing comprehensive reporting and tracking capabilities.
  • During the build phase, we conduct in-depth keyword research, utilising appropriate match types and gaining a deep understanding of your product/service's unique selling points.
  • Instead of multiple ad copies, we now focus on crafting one Responsive Search Ad (RSA) per ad group, making the most of the available headline and description options. This approach not only adheres to advertising policies but is also tailored to your specific criteria.


  • By using tools such as Google Analytics, we analyse key outcomes from your Google paid activity, comparing metrics by using segmented data, such as audience, device, and time of day, aligned with your business goals.
  • Our team meticulously evaluates all aspects of your account's performance, including campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ad copy, and quality score. This comprehensive analysis informs our optimisation strategies, allowing us to make data-driven decisions on budget allocation and bid adjustments within your best-performing campaigns.


  • We develop custom strategies tailored to your unique goals, ranging from achieving a high share of voice to targeting top-position keywords and implementing the most effective bid strategies.
  • Our team is always on the lookout for new opportunities and experimental findings that can drive performance improvements. We proactively share these insights and recommendations with you, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition


  • Transparency is of utmost importance to us. Each month, we provide comprehensive Google Ads performance reports that showcase top-level results, month-on-month and year-on-year comparisons, competitor analysis, insightful recommendations, and more.
  • Our aim is to maximise client transparency, empowering you with a clear understanding of campaign progress and actionable insights for improvement. These reports not only provide valuable data but also serve as a catalyst for generating new ideas and enhancing your overall campaign management.
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