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3WH: WE KNOW Travel and Tourism

Crafting marketing solutions for destinations, businesses, and brands. Unlock the power of our proven tourism marketing strategies and connect with responsible travellers.



Who We Are 3WH understands the challenges and triumphs in media and tourism marketing. We collaborate with destination marketing organisations and tourism businesses, promoting sustainable, regenerative, and eco-conscious tourism both nationally and globally. We partner with businesses offering distinct travel and tourism experiences locally and overseas, and more.

Our team, a blend of avid travellers and marketing maestros, promises results backed by over 10 years of industry experience. We are here to provide solutions and support your holistic tourism marketing strategy. Our combined expertise in tourism, sustainability, digital marketing, content generation, advertising, and communications will be leveraged to benefit our partners and achieve mutual success.

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Travel and Tourism Spotlight Showcase

Success is best when it's measurable, and our case studies offer quantifiable proof of our impact on the travel and tourism sector. From boosting online bookings for boutique hotels to tailoring eco-friendly accommodation packages, we provide comprehensive accounts of our data-driven strategies, complete with key metrics and takeaways.

Featured Case Study: Multi-channel video marketing campaign leads to international success

Our Impact

  • 114% Boost in Google Search Impression Share Post-Campaign Optimisation
  • 52% Reduction in CPC for Paid Search
  • 100% Increase in Tour Sales

Our Services

At the core, we provide digital marketing solutions for destination marketing organisations, tour providers, accommodation venues, travel agencies, and regional promotional entities. We're deeply committed to sustainable travel, with strategies designed to promote business growth and inspire responsible choices.

Designed to meet your every need in the travel and tourism sector, our services range from the initial planning stages right through to your journey home. But our capabilities don't stop at what's listed. If there's a particular venture you're interested in that you don't see here, rest assured we have the expertise to think outside the box. So whether you're an individual traveller seeking a bespoke experience or a business aiming to expand market share, consider your needs comprehensively addressed — we've got you covered.

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Customer Acquisition

  • Travel Planning: Custom itineraries designed to attract various customer segments.
  • Accommodation Booking: Tailored solutions to incentivise bookings and enhance customer lifetime value.
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Marketing and Outreach

  • Destination Promotion: Targeted campaigns to elevate destinations and local sponsorships for brand enhancement.
  • Digital Advertising: Optimal keyword strategies, paid search, and media buying for enhanced visibility and ROI.
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Digital Presence

  • SEO-Friendly Content: Quality content optimised for search engines to drive organic traffic.
  • Social Media Management: Create and maintain an engaging online presence to attract and retain customers.
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Paid Advertising

  • Google Ads: Performance-driven advertising strategies to outperform competition.
  • Meta Advertising: Data-driven approaches to achieve growth across diverse markets.
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Analytics and Strategy

  • Market Analysis: Comprehensive studies to identify and exploit growth opportunities.
  • Campaign Metrics: Detailed tracking and analysis to continuously measure ROI and campaign effectiveness.
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Customer Retention

  • Loyalty Programmes: Custom reward schemes to promote repeat business and reduce churn.
  • Customer Feedback Loops: Data-backed strategies to maintain and improve customer satisfaction.
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  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): Data-driven strategies to maximise conversion rates across your online platforms.
  • Performance Optimisation: Continual assessment and tweaking of campaigns for peak performance.
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Campaign Management

  • Strategic Consultation: Expert advice to align your campaigns with overarching business goals.
  • Campaign Management: End-to-end solutions, from ideation and planning to execution and analysis.
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Hear from our clients

Your Journey, Our Reward

The words of our clients serve as both testimonials to our effectiveness and as motivation for continuous improvement. These endorsements illustrate the measurable impacts we've had on SaaS companies, whether it’s driving user adoption or increasing monthly recurring revenue.

We’ve worked with Isaac and the team at 3WhiteHats for several years, and their expertise were integral to the success of our We Are Explorers campaign. This was the largest campaign we had undertaken to date, with a large production cost which we wanted to ensure a strong result on, and 3WhiteHats were there to support us from concept to completion.With the help of the 3WhiteHats team we were able to construct a massive multifaceted campaign to capture, engage and convert new users across numerous digital platforms, which not only saw a huge amount of exposure for our long-form video, but a marked decrease in conversion time and massive spike in brand search and recognition.The team made sure our campaign reached its full potential and left no stone unturned and no channel untouched!

Bryce Collins

Our Knowledge Base


Unlock Local Insights


Dominate Locally | Transform Your Local Presence

Our Local SEO solutions are tailored to connect you with travellers seeking authentic local experiences. Our bespoke services attract high-intent traffic, empowering you to dominate local search and transform your local presence.

Optimise Holiday Packages (SEO)


Unleashing Your Digital Potential | Empower Your Brand

Looking to scale your offerings? Our Search Engine Optimisation services provide sustainable and impactful growth. Fine-tune your holiday packages for maximum bookings with strategies that increase visibility and attract the right audience.

Optimise Holiday Packages (CRO)


Fuel Growth | Turbocharge Your ROI

Our Conversion Optimisation services ensure that you're not just attracting visitors but converting them into loyal customers. We employ strategic techniques that maximise bookings for your holiday packages.

Champion Sustainable Accommodations


Engage & Inspire | Captivate Your Audience

Sustainable stays are increasingly important in today's travel landscape. We craft compelling narratives to educate your audience on the benefits of eco-friendly accommodations. We drive engagement and build brand loyalty through expertly articulated content.

Refresh Destination Marketing (SEO)


Revolutionise Performance | Boost Usability and Enhance Visibility

Revitalise your destination's allure with our cutting-edge Technical SEO services. We optimise site performance and user experience, laying a secure foundation for your digital presence.

Destination Marketing Metrics (Analytics)


Surpass competitors by targeting high-value clients effectively.

Destination Marketing ROI (Online Display)


Enhance user acquisition for your online courses with a strategic approach.

Industry Specialist Programs


Even in a niche market, opportunities abound. With our acquisition strategies, achieve consistent growth.

3WH partners with travel and tourism establishments, ensuring their commitment to sustainable experiences doesn’t go unnoticed. Our nation and culture-centric team excels in offering unparalleled travel experiences together with you to your clients and prospects. Our mission? Drive impactful, lasting change within the tourism sector, championing businesses that inspire responsible travel.

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What Sets 3WH Apart

Elevate Your Travel and Tourism Brand with 3WH

What sets 3WH apart is our unparalleled industry expertise, providing bespoke marketing solutions for the diverse travel and tourism sector. From local to global outreach, our data-driven decisions and sustainability focus help your brand resonate with responsible travellers, ensuring your business thrives in the ever-changing travel landscape.

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Unrivalled Industry Expertise

Our team isn't just proficient in digital marketing; we are specialists in navigating the ever-changing landscape of travel and tourism. We know how to reach jet-setters, adventure seekers, and casual tourists alike.

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Bespoke Marketing Solutions

We believe that every travel and tourism entity is unique, be it a local tour operator or a multinational hotel chain. Our tailor-made strategies reflect your distinctive value proposition and target audience.

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Local and Global Outreach

Whether you're focused on promoting local attractions or international adventures, our strategies are designed to expand your reach effectively, connecting you with travellers both near and far.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Data is the backbone of our strategy formulation. Our comprehensive analytics and KPI tracking ensure that every campaign is optimised for maximum ROI and conversion, leaving no room for guesswork.

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Sustainability Focus

We understand the growing importance of sustainable and responsible tourism. Our digital marketing efforts can be tailored to echo these values, promoting your brand as not just attractive, but also ethically appealing.

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Cultural Diversity and Global Experience

Our team comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures who are passionate travellers with a deep understanding of international experiences. This rich blend of perspectives enriches our strategies, ensuring your brand resonates with a global audience authentically.



Charting New Paths in Travel & Tourism Marketing

In the constantly evolving world of travel and tourism, staying ahead of the curve is vital. Our blog is your go-to source for the latest strategies, news, and innovations in the sector. From capturing the spirit of adventure through compelling content to leveraging local SEO for more personalised travel experiences, our insights cover it all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why might one opt for a tourism marketing agency like 3WH instead of employing an in-house specialist?

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Engaging a dedicated tourism marketing agency such as 3WH comes with distinct advantages:

  • Expertise: We bring to the table a deep-rooted understanding of the tourism sector, crafting strategies that resonate.
  • Economical Resource Management: Save on training and specialised tools as we're already equipped.
  • Adaptability: Adjust your marketing endeavours as per your evolving needs without the enduring commitments tied to an internal team.
  • Novel Insights: An external vantage point often delivers fresh, innovative ideas and impartial evaluations.

How does one define marketing within the realms of travel and tourism?

FAQ plus

At its essence, marketing in the domain of travel and tourism centres on endorsing destinations, experiences, lodgings, and attractions to prospective tourists. This melds conventional marketing techniques with specific strategies, all to captivate tourists and mould their travel choices.

What's the core objective behind marketing in the tourism sector?

FAQ plus

The fundamental goal revolves around augmenting awareness, enticing potential travellers, and driving revenue for the entity or destination in question. Additionally, it's about sculpting a positive reputation for the destination, setting it apart from rivals, and spotlighting its unmatched attractions and offerings.

Can you list the primary benefits of diving into tourism marketing?

FAQ plus

Certainly. Delving into tourism marketing yields:

  • Enhanced Exposure: Broaden your reach and carve a niche amidst the market competition.
  • Revenue Augmentation: Foster more reservations and sales.
  • Reputation Management: Forge a memorable and trusted presence in the travel ecosystem.
  • Engaging Dynamics: Build bridges with both potential patrons and existing clientele, nurturing long-term loyalty.

Which mediums are pivotal in executing tourism marketing effectively?

FAQ plus

Several avenues are integral:

  • Digital Avenues: Websites, social media platforms, email campaigns, and online advertising.
  • Traditional Print: Informative brochures, magazines, and promotional posters.
  • Events & Exhibitions: Making a mark through tourism expos and conventions.

Revolutionise Your Business with Our Comprehensive Digital Solutions. Contact us to have an open and transparent discussion on protecting, growing and scaling your Travel and Tourism business.