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Khoros and 3WH Case Study


Khoros is a leading provider of digital customer engagement solutions for enterprise businesses. The company wanted to build a strong social media presence on LinkedIn and generate high-quality leads to drive revenue growth. To achieve this, Khoros worked with us at 3WhiteHats, to develop a B2B social media strategy. Together with our partners at LinkedIn, we focused on three key success factors that contributed to the success of the campaign.

Success Factor 1: Translating Personas into Campaign Audiences

To ensure that the LinkedIn ads reached the right audience, we first mapped Khoros ANZ’s own customer personas to LinkedIn’s targeting parameters. This allowed them to create custom audience segments that were highly relevant to their business. The team leveraged LinkedIn's Matched Audiences to target specific companies and used the Company Growth filter to identify new prospective accounts.

By using these targeting parameters, we were able to reach decision-makers and influencers in its target accounts. This helped Khoros ANZ generate high-quality leads and drive revenue growth.

Success Factor 2: Testing and Learning to Optimise and Scale

Together with the Khoros team, we kept 2 to 5 assets running for every campaign, each designed to offer a different form of value exchange, such as a whitepaper, case study, or report. This helped us mine deeper insights about the content that prospects want and preempt ad fatigue.

Together with our partners at LinkedIn, we kept a close watch on campaign analytics and responded quickly to dips and peaks in order to optimise performance and spend. By continuously testing and learning, we were able to identify the best-performing ads and scale them to reach a wider audience.

Success Factor 3: Validating the Quality of Leads Generated

We partnered with LinkedIn to provide the Khoros sales and marketing teams with in-depth visibility on the quality of leads generated and how these are moved down the funnel to become pipeline opportunities. Feedback from sales provided the marketing team and us here at 3WhiteHats with insights that allowed us to continuously optimise the Khoros campaigns on LinkedIn


Khoros ANZ's overwhelming success with LinkedIn ads yielded an impressive 60% of all qualified leads, making their LinkedIn campaign one of the best performing in Australia. 

This impressive performance caught the attention of LinkedIn, who asked Khoros and us to collaborate on a case study highlighting their success. To view the original LinkedIn case study: Please click here.