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Attribution Modelling

Uncover the True Value of Your Efforts: Advanced Attribution Modelling for Measurable Impact


WHO: 3WH - Your Attribution Modelling Experts

At 3WH, we specialise in unlocking the hidden marvels of attribution modelling, decoding the path to marketing mastery. With our innovative approach and bespoke rule sets, we help businesses understand the channels that drive visitors to their site and distribute credit among touchpoints for optimal results.


WHAT: Unleashing the Power of Attribution Modelling

Attribution modelling is the enigmatic art that holds the key to unparalleled success in digital marketing. We go beyond mere analysis, delving deep into the nuances of each marketing channel to understand their impact at different stages of the sales cycle. By crafting custom rule sets and distributing credit accurately, we empower businesses with an uncanny understanding of their unique essence.

WHEN: A Thrilling Journey of Discovery

Our journey starts with a comprehensive understanding of how marketing channels intertwine and influence one another. We gather high-quality data from all stages of the sales cycle, examining visitor journeys and interactions. This knowledge allows us to uncover the cost of each channel and how visitors from different sources engage with your site.

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WHERE: Google Analytics Audit and Website Behavioural Analysis

The foundation of our journey lies in a meticulous Google Analytics Audit, where we ensure data accuracy and rebuild naming conventions. We then delve into the realm of user behavior, observing how visitors from each channel interact with your site. Through rigorous testing, we ensure accurate tracking and a deep understanding of vital behaviors.

WHY: Maximising Marketing Success

Our innovative approach to attribution modelling consistently delivers astounding results. By merging online and offline data from various platforms, we create a comprehensive dataset that reveals the hidden truths of your digital existence. With a majestic attribution model and actionable insights, we empower you to maximise your marketing ROI and allocate resources with precision.

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Tech SEO

HOW: Unveiling the Transformative Power of Attribution Modelling

  • Google Analytics Audit: We conduct a comprehensive audit to ensure data accuracy and rebuild naming conventions.
  • Website Behavioural Analysis: We delve into user behaviour, examining interactions and tracking vital behaviours.
  • Data Uploads: We gather data from online and offline realms, cleansing and merging them to create a powerful dataset.
  • Building the Attribution Model: Our skilled team crafts a bespoke attribution model, capturing the intricate details of credit distribution.
  • Reporting & Action: We decipher patterns and translate them into actionable insights, empowering you to make informed marketing decisions.

Embrace the transformative power of attribution modelling with 3WH and unlock the full potential of your marketing prowess. Join us on this extraordinary adventure where mystique becomes mastery, and shape your destiny as a master of marketing innovation.

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