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Protect and Grow your business

We help with growing your funnel while maximising your ROI by minimising your cost-per-lead with our targeted solutions.



Maximise your online presence and grow your business quickly with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC offers a powerful way to boost qualified traffic and grow brand awareness quickly, no matter what your marketing goals may be. By targeting the right prospects and leveraging effective ad copy and design, you can achieve success in driving leads, generating demand, and expanding your reach to new audiences. With PPC, you can reach your goals quickly and efficiently, unlocking the potential of your business.

people are working
people are working

Performance marketing

Performance marketing is a powerful tool used to maximise your return on ad spend (ROAS). By leveraging advanced tactics such as social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok) and search engine ads (Google and Bing), we are able to optimise your ROAS by understanding and targeting the right keywords, making sure your site is well SEOed, and diving deep into performance indicators such as CPC. With the right strategy and our help, you can achieve maximum ROAS.

Strategy and Research

Our team will conduct comprehensive research to uncover the best keywords for your business, discover what your competitors are doing, and understand where and how much they are investing in PPC advertising. We then use this data to create a strong strategy that will maximize your success on any PPC platform.

Content Marketing

Utilizing our creative resources, 3WH will partner with you to create custom content to support your PPC campaigns, such as whitepapers, product demo videos, and more. We will also ensure that your campaigns are implemented seamlessly and accurately.

Always-on Optimising

Data analytics and channel optimization are key components of successful PPC campaigns. We measure, analyse, and adjust our strategies continually to maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns.


We can help you reach your target audience quickly using multiple online ad platforms, such as:

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