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Working with 3WH on our advertising campaigns was highly beneficial. Their expertise in strategic account reconfiguration and targeted ad enablement improved our lead generation metrics, making our campaigns more efficient and effective. We managed to greatly reduce total account spend while still reaching our target audiences.

Andrea Hey

Social Media Marketing Manager

The team at 3WH really broke down SEO for us, making it way easier to get our pages and blogs noticed in search results. Working with them feels less like dealing with a mysterious black box and more like having a savvy partner who gets SEO, content marketing, and link building. Thanks to their help, most of our top tours are now ranking in the top 3 on Google for keywords that our customers search.

Bryce Collins


3WH helped us get GA4 tracking accurately and quickly! As a business, we rely on data to help us make informed decisions on where to spend our marketing budget. Their expertise in GA4 implementation has been invaluable to our team. It also helps that they are really easy to work with!

Marie Crouan

Head of Demand Generation

3WH played a focal role in integrating Plexure with the TASK website, ensuring our search engine rankings remained strong throughout the merger. Their strategic insights and execution proved invaluable.

Mark Hayes

Head of Growth Marketing

At Khoros, we have used 3WH to support our pipeline generation goals in EMEA and ANZ. The responsiveness of Isaac and his team as well as the genuine effort made to understand the business meant that we are able to continuously adjust our targeting and improve on our lead generation targets quarter on quarter.

3WH is always keen to understand our business challenges and is able to provide advice and guidance to help us perform better - that advice sometimes ranges from a simple parameter adjustment to a completely new tool built purposely for us. In Isaac and his team, we have found real partners to our business and other teams have gone on to work with them as well, testament to the trust that we have established between our 2 companies.

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Sandrine Zechbauer

Senior Marketing Director
International, Khoros

Been working closely with 3WhiteHats for over a year now and they've been great!

So much better than any of the others we'd worked with. Great communication and a personalised service make us feel like we're they're number one client!

3WHs has been instrumental in helping us do the important stuff - increasing revenues via acquisition of new customers - rather than trying to get us more likes or clicks which can look good on a chart, but have no bottom line impact.Would definitely recommend them!

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Michael Fotheringham

Managing Director
Intro Travel

My background is in traditional print advertising and I have always been somewhat sceptical of social media. I also currently work for Australia and New Zealand's largest funeral provider so there didn’t seem to be a great synergy with social media activity. However, my experience working with Isaac and the team at 3WH and the results we were able to achieve promoting through Facebook certainly changed my view.

One of our funeral brands had the ongoing disruption of a major rebuild and an unsettled time with staffing. We had just made a considerable financial investment and weren’t getting the results required to justify that investment. As part of our ‘recovery’ plan, we needed a promotion that would increase community awareness/involvement, get us back on track financially and also ideally bring the team together.

From the time we first spoke with Isaac we were impressed by his professionalism, empathy and the effort he went to to understand our business, our situation and come up with positive practical solutions. He also did a great job of demystifying social media for us and his solutions were practical, effective and enabled us to achieve all three of our stated goals.

1: Greater community awareness engagement.
2: Increased (on or above budget) financial performance.
3: More unified cohesive and focused team.

The promotion was supported by print and the staff really bought into what we were trying to achieve. I’m very confident Isaac and his team can deliver solution focussed plans that get results and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship.

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Grant Davidson

Regional Manager

Our SEO and SEM revenue has increased by 14% and 80% since we've started collaborating together and we have surpassed targets in FY19.

Isaac goes above and beyond with his support, has genuine interest and actively participates in the growth of our business as a buying group, and that of our franchisees.

This level of transparency, commitment and professionalism is something I have not found in many other SEO/SEM companies.

If you're at a tipping point and in doubt, happy to be a reference for Isaac and 3WH so I can convince you myself

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Phyabae Leong

Head of Marketing
Office Brands

Fresh ideas lead to new business. We wanted better results with our Google Ads activity - and we got it! Isaac and the team took their time to understand our brands, our industry and our challenges and then quickly provided some localised solutions. 3WH carefully migrated numerous brands to new ad campaigns, while always keeping a holistic approach.

Gerard Watt

Operations Manager

We’ve been working with 3WH for a number of years, they initially helped us to automate many of our onboarding and marketing processes, which has saved thousands of dollars a month. Beyond this, we started working with them to help us build our database of contacts and market to them.

With their assistance our email marketing list has higher engagement rates than ever, it has increased two-fold and our sales pipeline has increased by 50% year on year.

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TMU: The Moon Unit

3WhiteHats have succeeded to get my SEO rankings consistently top for my business; their knowledge, insights and expertise has been key to my business success. Nothing is ever too big or too small to tend to and it's so refreshing to have such amazing service providers for such a key element of marketing my business. Thank you!

Lucy Megginson


Isaac and his team were a great asset to our SEO team. If you are looking for an SEO expert who has the patience to walk you through the process and be committed to your results, Isaac is a serious and knowledgeable professional that will elevate your bottom line.

Andy Suarez

Executive Project Manager

Isaac has been instrumental in helping us do the important stuff - increasing revenues - rather than trying to get us more likes or clicks which can look good on a chart, but may have no bottom line impact.

Derek Elley

Managing Director

We run a shared office in Auckland CBD and like everyone we wanted more traffic and more feet through the doors.
3WhiteHats helped to increase our traffic from search engines by 400%

JeanPaul LeRoux

No9 Coworking Space, Auckland

3WhiteHats are great to work with. They continue to provide outstanding SEO solutions for my business.

Carl Robertson

Plankton Digital Marketing Agency, Wellington

Great experience working with Isaac.  Very professional and would highly recommend his services.

Margaret Hood

Office National, Australia

As a start-up, we were looking for a top-level assessment of our site and recommendations on what to change for maximum impact. 3WhiteHats were approachable, friendly and did the trick. Thanks!

Ollie Wright


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