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Elliotts and 3WH Case Study


Elliotts Funeral Services (part of the Invocare family) like other funeral providers use networks and local sponsorships to increase brand awareness. However, during the Covid-19 lockdowns in New Zealand, much of this traditional marketing wasn’t possible. Elliotts approached 3WH to create a campaign which would help them reach into their local community, give back and generate future goodwill.

Strategy: 3WH proposed using Facebook, a social network whose older demographic aligns well with Elliotts, our strategy covered the following:

Target audience: Reach local residents over fifty in Tauranga & surrounding areas. Our campaign is designed to hone in on specific interests such as sports or charitable interests. In addition as Elliotts is a local business we looked to hone in geographically within 30km of Elliott’s physical location.

Campaign goals: The 3WH team set specific campaign objectives for the Elliotts, leveraging data from user interactions, their existing email database, and custom audiences. The goal was to get as many nominations as possible within a 30 day window. The campaign was carefully crafted to maximise engagement and conversions, helping the Elliotts reach their goals.

Facebook ads: 3WH partnered with Elliotts to create corresponding assets that match audiences. For example a sporting interest would be accompanied by a relevant sporting asset and relevant headlines to encourage action. Supporting ad texts increased performance and generated highest impressions and nominations.

Landing pages: 3WH created custom landing pages for Elliott's website to promote the charitable cause and facilitate the collection of nominations in a centralised system.

Ad optimisation: 3WH constantly monitored and optimised the Facebook ads to improve performance and reduce cost-per-nomination.


The Facebook campaign was a success for Elliotts who were initially apprehensive about advertising on social media:

Audiences: 12% Conversion rate

Our charity-based audience delivered the highest ad impressions and clicks, yielding the most nominations at a rate of 12.10%. 

Visibility: 39% of Tauranga reached

Our campaign reached 39.26% of the Tauranga population with 8 impressions per user - all at a cost of just $0.08 per person. It was an effective and cost-efficient way to reach people and create awareness for Elliotts.

Website Activity: 442% more visits

Our campaign efforts to increase user traffic to Elliott’s new website have definitely paid off. We saw a massive 442.5% increase in user traffic in October and a further 227%the following month. User traffic has remained consistently high since then compared to the previous year. This sustained improvement in user traffic is a testament to the effectiveness of strong brand awareness campaigns and we are excited to continue to build upon this success.


The Facebook campaign was a resounding success in raising awareness for Elliotts. Targeted ads and landing pages reached a larger, highly qualified audience, generating significant leads and inquiries. Cost-effective and ideal for businesses with limited resources, the campaign's success positioned the funeral home as a premier provider in its market.

We were impressed by Isaac’s professionalism, empathy and the effort he went through in order to understand our business, our situation and come up with positive practical solutions. He also did a great job of demystifying social media for us and his solutions were practical, effective and enabled us to achieve all three of our stated goals.

     1. Greater community awareness engagement.
     2. Increased (on or above budget) financial performance.
     3. More unified cohesive and focused team.

I’m very confident Isaac and his team can deliver solution focussed plans that get results and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Grant Davidson - Regional Manager - InvoCare