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Office National and 3WH Case Study

Client: Office National | Industry: Office supplies distribution


Office National is the largest Australian independent  distributor of office stationery, furniture, and equipment. They have been partnering with us at 3WhiteHats for over 5 years to grow and scale their website, SEO, search engine marketing (SEM) and boost their online sales. Over two years, 3WhiteHats worked with Office National to produce consistently strong growth for SEM, focusing on increasing granularity of the shopping campaign structure in year 1 and using supplementary data and custom labels to add further granularity in year 2.


Office National faced challenges with achieving return on investment through digital channels. A disjoined SEO strategy and a SEM / shopping strategy which wasn’t delivering results. From an SEO perspective, the website had many technical SEO issues and a highly specialised CMS (IBM Websphere eCommerce running on AWS). Search campaigns lacked a national strategy and shopping campaigns were broad and made it difficult to optimise specific products and audiences towards positive ROI. The challenge was to create a campaign structure that allowed for better targeting, optimisation, and higher ROI.

Solution - Year 1:

In year 1, 3WhiteHats focused on increasing granularity of the shopping campaign structure. The top performing segments were split into their own campaign with additional granularity added at ad group level. This approach allowed for better targeting and optimisation of specific products and audiences. Additionally, queries were split by brand and generic search terms, allowing for more effective bidding and budget allocation. From an SEO perspective we worked with the Office National team and their developers to implement SEO best practices.

Solution - Year 2:

In year 2, 3WhiteHats continued to build on the work done in year 1 by using supplementary data and trends to add further granularity to the campaigns. This approach enabled the creation of highly targeted ads based on product attributes, items on sale, highly searched trending products etc, which allowed for better bidding strategies and higher ROI.

From an SEO perspective we worked on content improvement and link development as well as schema and other SEO enhancements.


The implementation of the new campaign structure produced strong results for Office National. Over the two years, 3WhiteHats achieved the following:

  • 76% increase in total revenue from paid search.
  • 60% increase in transactions from paid search.
  • 38% in conversion rates for paid search.
  • 45% increase in traffic from search engines.
  • 30% increase in new users from organic search.


Through the use of a tailored SEO strategy and highly customised shopping campaign and supplementary data points, 3WhiteHats was able to drive significant growth for Office National's online sales. The approach allowed for better targeting, optimization, and higher ROI. The results speak for themselves with a 38% increase in conversion, 30% more visitors from organic search and 76% increase in revenue from paid search.


"3WhiteHats have a very professional commitment to their work, and our growth. Our SEO and SEM has increased by 14% and 76% since we've started collaborating together and we have surpassed targets in the financial year. Isaac goes above and beyond with his support, has genuine interest and actively participates in the growth of our business as a buying group, and that of our franchisees. This level of transparency, commitment and professionalism is something I have not found in many other SEO/SEM companies. If you're at a tipping point and in doubt, happy to be a reference for Isaac and 3WhiteHats so I can convince you myself."

Phyabae Leong AMAMI, CPM

Head of Marketing, Office Brands