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Multi-channel video marketing campaign leads to international success



  • Reached 1,000,000 potential customers
  • Facilitated in securing 100 additional tour bookings 
  • 60% increase in branded search following video promotion
  • 88% growth in revenue

INTRO Travel were looking for creative ways to get their latest video ‘We Are All Explorers’ onto the screens of potential future customers.

With a video like this, especially when it takes weeks of filming in multiple countries we were tasked to pull together a solid promotion strategy inorder to ensure that the effort and cost which went into producing such an epic video achieves the businesses objectives of inspiring travel, generating brand awareness, driving leads and ultimately driving sales.

We built a multichannel integrated marketing strategy to promote the We Are All Explorers video which included a prospecting phase to build anticipation and tease the audience, which followed with the video itself and followed up with a chance to win a complimentary tour.

The channels we chose for INTRO included Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Google Search & Display.

Brining this all together we managed to show the video to nearly 1 million people fitting the INTRO demographic which led to more than 100 tour purchases, 88% revenue growth and an incredible 60% year on year growth in branded search, this growth can be seen in the following chart:


We’ve worked with Isaac and the team at 3WhiteHats for several years, and their expertise were integral to the success of our We Are Explorers campaign. 

This was the largest campaign we had undertaken to date, with a large production cost which we wanted to ensure a strong result on, and 3WhiteHats were there to support us from concept to completion.

With the help of the 3WhiteHats team we were able to construct a massive multifaceted campaign to capture, engage and convert new users across numerous digital platforms, which not only saw a huge amount of exposure for our long-form video, but a marked decrease in conversion time and massive spike in brand search and recognition.

The team made sure our campaign reached its full potential and left no stone unturned and no channel untouched!


Bryce Collins

Brand Manager, INTRO Travel