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Invocare and 3WH Case Study

  • 40% reduction in cost per lead across all brands.
  • Top 1 - 2 positions for tier 1 keywords for all major cities.
  • 7.76% increase in spend equates to 76.66% increase in clicks .
  • 10.43% impression share improvement.


Invocare is the leading Funeral Home Group in Asia Pacific, offering a range of funeral services across 40 brands in APAC. Invocare came to 3WhiteHats to localise and improve Google Ad campaign performance for 20 of their brands operating in New Zealand.


In order to support Invocare’s growth in New Zealand, 3WhiteHats developed a comprehensive strategy that focused on building a solid process for managing 20 similar but different ad campaigns from North Shore down to Dunedin. Building new systems to scale this many accounts. Then, integrating a data-driven approach to conversion and optimisation. Integrating call tracking and form tracking, using these data points to optimise geographically and on the keyword / ad group level..


Looking at the last three years performance we can see that our partnership has had significant positive growth for Invocare. 40% reduction in cost per lead, For a spend increase of less than 8% we’ve seen an increase in clicks of nearly 10x and a reduction in cost per lead of 40%. These improvements across the business have enabled Invocare to continue their expansions within the New Zealand and the wider APAC market.


Overall, Invocare's partnership with 3WhiteHats has been a great success, resulting in significant growth in their online presence and increased enquiries leading to new business for their localised brands. The success of their Google Ads campaigns is a testament to the effectiveness of a well-executed digital marketing strategy and the importance of having a plan and executing well on this plan in today's competitive marketplace.


We wanted better results with our Google Ads activity - and we got it! Isaac and the team took their time to understand our brands, our industry and our challenges and then quickly provided some localised solutions. 3WH carefully migrated numerous brands to new ad campaigns, while always keeping a holistic approach.

Gerard Watt

Operations Manager – New Zealand

InvoCare New Zealand Ltd