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March 22, 2022
8 mins

7 Powerful Strategies for a Stellar Travel Marketing Mix in 2023: Unlocking Success


Whoa, hold the phone! Or maybe not—because if you’re still thinking the only way to market travel experiences is through sponsored Facebook posts or email newsletters, then mate, we're about to shake your world. This isn't a one-size-fits-all game, especially when it comes to marketing in the travel industry. You need a blend, a mix, a marketing cocktail of sorts. So, mixologists of 3WH, let’s talk about what goes into that perfect marketing concoction.

Part I: Virtual Reality, the Vacation Pre-Game

Okay, picture this: You put on a VR headset and suddenly you're snorkelling in the Maldives. Impressed? You should be. VR isn't just a gimmick; it's the experiential marketing of the future. Why tell customers about a travel experience when you can literally show them? Immerse your prospects in 360-degree escapism before they even board the plane.

Part II: Chatbots: Not Just for Chitchat

I can hear the collective sighs. "Oh, chatbots, really?" But hear me out—modern chatbots have morphed into a hybrid of customer service reps and sales ninjas. Deploy them smartly and they can deal with bookings, handle complaints, and cross-sell or upsell like a pro. It's automation, but with a human touch.

Part III: The Comeback of Print... No, Seriously

What's old is new again, and in a digital age, print material like glossy brochures and travel zines can be the unexpected ace up your sleeve. Think QR codes that lead to exclusive experiences or AR markers that bring the pages to life. Plus, it's tactile and tangible—something people crave after scrolling through screens.

Part IV: TikTok is No Joke

If your travel brand is not on TikTok, you’re about as relevant as an overhead projector in a hologram conference. From 'travel hacks' to 'day in the life' videos, there's a niche for every type of travel experience. The kicker? You're tapping into a younger audience that's ready to explore and has the FOMO factor.

Part V: Podcasting the Pathways

Who would have thought that audio could be so... visual? With storytelling that captures imagination, podcasts can take your audience on journeys they didn’t even know they needed. Talk about local folklore, interview native chefs, or offer language tips. Make it so riveting that they'd want to listen even if they aren't travelling.

Part VI: Geo-Fencing: Get 'em When They're Hot

Imagine targeting a potential customer with a special hotel deal just as they're looking for accommodation after landing. Geo-fencing makes it happen. It’s a bit like casting a net around a specific location and customising the marketing to those within it. Subtle? Not always. Effective? Absolutely.

Part VII: Nostalgia Marketing: Tapping into the Good Old Days

When times are tough, people yearn for the ‘better days’. Curate retro-themed packages or 90s style ad campaigns. It's a guaranteed feels-trip, pun totally intended.

Conclusion: The Perfect Mix is Never Static

Here's the thing—you don't just set up a marketing mix and let it ride into the sunset. It's an ever-changing, ever-adapting concoction that ebbs and flows with trends, customer needs, and even world events. Like a DJ reading the room, you've got to keep your fingers on the faders, ready to adjust.

This brave new world of travel marketing is not for the faint of heart, but if done right, the rewards are akin to finding a hidden treasure. At 3WH, we’re constantly remixing the best strategies to turn your marketing mix from mere noise into sweet, sweet music.

Feeling inspired? Ready to redefine your marketing mix? Well, stop reading and let’s start doing! Onwards, pioneers of the new age!

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