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February 15, 2022
8 mins 10 secs

5 Powerful Strategies: Positively Transforming Funeral Home Digital Engagement


Ah, so you’ve dropped by to glean some wisdom, have you? Well, sit tight, because today we're breaking away from the cookie-cutter marketing advice you’ve heard ad nauseam. Instead, we’re diving into something perplexingly simple but burstingly effective: how to keep your funeral home top-of-mind with families. What, you ask, does that have to do with digital marketing? Quite a lot, as you're about to find out.

1. Crafting Emotionally Intelligent Newsletters

You might think email newsletters have gone the way of the dodo. Ah, but not so fast. In an industry as sensitive as funeral care, the personal touch is indispensable. Why not offer a monthly newsletter with not just updates on your services, but also invaluable advice for grieving families? Picture this: a monthly catch-up that feels more like a comforting conversation over a cup of tea than a sales pitch. Topics could range from emotional healing, the legal complexities of dealing with a death, to remembering anniversaries in meaningful ways. This not only offers immediate value but keeps you front and centre in their minds. When the need arises, who do you think they'll turn to?

2. AI-Enabled Follow-Ups

Artificial Intelligence? In funeral home marketing? You heard that right. Consider using advanced AI algorithms to predict when might be a sensitive time for a family—perhaps an upcoming birthday or anniversary of the deceased. Now, use this data to send automated, yet deeply personalised, messages. Whether it's an email or even a physical card, the level of personalised care can be genuinely astounding, imprinting your brand indelibly in their hearts.

3. A Community Portal with a Twist

How about a members-only online community portal? But here’s the kicker: instead of it being a thinly-veiled advertisement for your services, make it a space for families to share memories, advice, and coping strategies. An online sanctuary that allows people to commemorate and celebrate the lives of those they've lost. Add in features like virtual candle-lighting, memory sharing, and perhaps even collaborations with therapists for scheduled Q&A sessions.

4. Seasonal Check-ins Through Geo-Fencing

Yes, you can use geo-fencing technology for something more heartening than just pushing promotions. How about sending out non-intrusive notifications when families are near relevant venues — say a memorial park, a grief counselling centre, or even flower shops — with suggestions that are tailored to them? Your brand becomes not just a service, but a companion during difficult times.

5. Social Media Memory Jars

A memory jar is a simple, yet powerful concept. It's a jar filled with little notes, each capturing a cherished memory or a moment of gratitude. Why not transpose this idea into the social media realm? Run campaigns inviting families to share a precious memory, a lesson learned, or a message of gratitude about their departed loved ones. Not only does this enrich your social media content with authentic experiences, but it also provides an avenue for collective healing.

Wrapping Up

There we are—five ground-breaking yet very doable strategies to stay top-of-mind with families. The future of funeral home marketing isn't just about the immediate sell; it's about building lasting, meaningful relationships. A sort of 'marketing with a soul,' if you will. So, let’s make marketing a little more human, shall we?

If you found this exploration insightful, rest assured that we at 3WHs are just getting started. We're committed to rewriting the rulebook on digital marketing for funeral homes, and we're just as committed to keeping you in the loop. Cheers to transforming challenges into opportunities!

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