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September 20, 2022
9 mins

10 Empowering Techniques: Brightening the Funeral Home Experience Through Digital Marketing


Forget the drab, one-size-fits-all marketing tactics you've seen a hundred times over. We're about to venture into the often-underestimated world of funeral home digital marketing. Are you intrigued? Buckle up; this will be one memorable journey.

1. Sensitive, Yet Slick: The SEO Angle

Let's cut the chit-chat. SEO for funeral homes isn't about squeezing your business into the same old box. Far from it! You see, our strategy involves what we affectionately dub as 'Sensitivity SEO'. Picture your service offerings, intricately laced with empathetic keywords—keywords that resonate with your audience's emotional state while they're, well, Googling their way through grief. Done right, SEO becomes less of a search game and more of an emotional handshake.

2. A Website That Weeps and Wows

Alright, so your website shouldn't actually make anyone weep, but it should evoke a sense of emotional comfort. Imagine a digital environment that isn't just clean and functional but feels like a warm, reassuring hug. Your online visitors should feel like you understand what they're going through—the site's design, its colours, and even its fonts should speak with compassion and professionalism.

3. Social Media, The Sensitive Socialite

Look, Twitter isn't just for banter, and Instagram isn't just food and cats. When we talk about social media for funeral homes, we're talking about crafting a narrative that's both sincere and comforting. Your potential clients need to see that you're not a faceless entity but a part of their community. Regular posts that offer comfort, advice, and even a bit of gentle humour can work wonders.

4. PPC, But Make It Classy

PPC isn't a mere numbers game; it's more like a balancing act on a tightrope made of dignity. Each click should drive value and should do so in a way that respects the emotionally charged decision-making process your potential clients are navigating.

5. Reputation: The Online Guardian Angel

Okay, let's spill some tea. One rogue review can create chaos. That's where guardian-angel-level reputation management comes in. It's not just about damage control; it's about crafting a narrative that makes the families you've served feel like they're a part of your story.

6. Local SEO: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Funeral Home

You're not just another building in the community; you're a cornerstone. Your Local SEO strategies should reflect this, making you more visible and accessible to those around you. Think of Local SEO as the digital equivalent of a community bulletin board, only this one can be seen by anyone, anywhere.

7. Email Marketing: Nailing the Goodbye Note

Oh, come on, don't roll your eyes. Done delicately, email marketing can be like sending a series of comforting notes. Personalised messages that provide value—like navigating funeral costs or dealing with grief—can turn your emails into something people look forward to, rather than something they send to the spam folder.

8. Reviews & Testimonials: Your Choir of Praises

You've got happy customers, so why not let them sing your praises? By following up and making it easy for families to share their experiences, you're not just collecting testimonials; you're building a choir of authentic voices that can resonate with future clients.

9. The Emotional Quotient of Content Marketing

You're not just churning out articles; you're speaking to souls. That's why every blog post or downloadable guide needs to harmonise with your audience's needs and emotional state.

10. The Empathy Conversion Funnel

Forget traditional Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for a minute. In your line of work, conversions aren't just about turning a visitor into a customer; they're about making an emotional connection. That’s why your CRO strategies need to have empathy as their backbone.


Phew! If you've made it this far, you’re clearly as passionate about the untapped potentials of funeral home marketing as we are. With the right blend of sensitivity

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