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June 21, 2022
7 mins

7 Transformative Insights: Elevating Funeral Services with Positive Concierge Aftercare

Navigating the sombre realm of funeral services, 3WH introduces the ground-breaking concept of 'concierge aftercare'. Moving beyond traditional expectations, we delve into a compassionate, tailored approach that puts the grieving families at the forefront. From breaking age-old taboos and crafting emotional experiences to forging invaluable partnerships and embracing digital advancements, we spotlight seven pivotal aspects that can truly set your funeral home apart. In a time of loss and heartbreak, offering this nuanced, supportive touch can make all the difference. Ready to revolutionise the funeral industry? Join us in this journey of empathy, innovation, and genuine care.

September 29, 2022
7 mins

8 Powerful Secrets to Outshine Travel Rivals: Elevating Your Agency's Allure in a Competitive World

Dive into the dynamic world of travel with 3WH, where we shed light on the art of standing out amidst a sea of travel agencies. From embracing raw authenticity to harnessing the undeniable pull of FOMO, we unravel eight unique strategies tailored to make your agency the top pick. The travel market might be saturated, but with a touch of wit, genuine storytelling, and a dash of cheekiness, you can captivate prospects and transform them into loyal clients. So, are you ready to steer away from the mundane and embark on a journey of distinctiveness? Let's redefine the travel game together!

July 5, 2023
8 mins

15 Powerful Innovations for Business Success in a Global Downturn: Rising Above Challenges

Venture into the realm of unconventional business strategies with 3WH, designed to not just weather, but conquer economic downturns. From the transformative potential of Virtual Reality showrooms and AI-driven price adjustments to the community-building prowess of time-banking services, we've mapped out 15 ingenious solutions tailored for these challenging times. The key? Adaptation, resilience, and a sprinkle of creativity. Embrace the storm, evolve with it, and let's redefine the future of business resilience together. Ready to turn challenges into opportunities? Let's embark on this transformative journey.

February 8, 2022
7 mins 30 secs
Isaac Bullen

7 Surefire Strategies: Captivating Post-Pandemic Travel Enthusiasts in a Brave New World

Emerging from the pandemic shadows, the travel sector witnesses a seismic shift, with 3WH pioneering novel approaches to engage customers. The article dives deep into the digital renaissance of travel, from AR-led city tours to AI-orchestrated itineraries and blockchain-backed bookings. It spotlights the fusion of work and wanderlust, advocating for experiences like workations in picturesque locales. In this new era, trust takes the limelight, necessitating unparalleled transparency in travel procedures. As traditional influencers' impact wanes, genuine tales from real people become the gold standard. The allure of international journeys gives way to the charm of local hidden treasures. Sustainability in travel isn't just a trend but an imperative, ushering in genuine eco-initiatives. The narrative concludes with the industry's shift towards curating holistic experiences, crafting memories rather than mere transactions. In summary, 3WH is not just adapting but reshaping the travel narrative for this transformed world.

June 28, 2023
30 secs

How To: Add a User to Your Microsoft Advertising

Read on for how to add a user to Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads)

May 31, 2023
35 secs

How To: Add a User to Your Google Tag Manager

Read on to learn how to add a user to Google Tag Manager

May 3, 2023
35 secs

How To: Add a User to Your Google Analytics

Follow these steps to add a user to your Google Analytics account

April 19, 2023
35 secs

How To: Add a User to Your Google Ads

Follow these steps to add a user to your Google Ads account

April 12, 2023
2 min 30 secs

Maximising User Experience: A Beginner's Guide to Using Heat Maps for Website Analysis

You likely spend a lot of time considering how to make your website more user-friendly as a website owner. One way to do this is by using heat maps for user behaviour analysis. Heat maps are a visual representation of where users click, scroll, and spend time on your website. By analysing heat maps, you can gain insights into how users interact with your website and identify areas for improvement. In this article, we'll show you how to use heat maps for user behaviour analysis.

April 5, 2023
2min 45 secs

Beginner's SEO Guide: Mastering the Basics

Do you have trouble turning website visitors into paying customers? Do you want to boost your website's conversion rates and user experience? If this is the case, A/B testing might be the answer you've been waiting for. We'll provide you an introduction to A/B testing for conversion optimisation in this article.

March 29, 2023
2 min

Mastering UTM Parameters in Google Analytics: A Practical Guide

The purpose of this article is to describe UTM parameters and how Google Analytics uses them to track the effectiveness of digital marketing initiatives. Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, Campaign Name, Campaign Term (optional), and Campaign Content make up the five components of UTM parameters (optional). Google Analytics reads the UTM parameters when a user clicks on a URL that has them and assigns the traffic to the proper source, medium, campaign, and content. As a result, campaign performance can be accurately tracked, user behaviour can be better understood, and ROI may be increased. It's crucial to name UTM parameters consistently in order to keep data structured and simple to analyse.

March 15, 2023
2 mins

5 Steps to requesting access for new Digital marketers

The blog article provides a summary of the steps involved in gaining access to various online platforms and tools that businesses may use. Step one involves obtaining permission from a client to access their social media accounts, while step two requires contacting the marketing or IT department of a company to gain access to their email marketing or CRM system. Step three involves contacting the website or analytics platform manager to gain access to tools like Google Analytics. For step four, one needs to contact the individual or group responsible for administering a company's ad accounts on sites such as Facebook or Google Ads. Finally, step five involves reaching out to the web development or IT department to obtain permission to edit or modify a company's website. In some cases, training or certification may be required before gaining access to these platforms.

January 10, 2023
4 mins 35 secs
Isaac Bullen

How 3 Non-EU Organisations Are Dealing with the GDPR

The 25th of May 2018 was a big day for the internet. Most end users probably just noticed an increase in inbox traffic and pop-ups, with requests to opt-in or accept new cookies.