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October 17, 2023
5 mins

Tracking HubSpot Forms with Google Analytics: A Comprehensive Guide

At 3WH, we understand the importance of tracking and analysing data to make informed decisions and optimise our online marketing efforts. One crucial aspect of this process is tracking form submissions on our website. This thorough manual will show you how to easily combine HubSpot forms with Google Analytics so you can gain insightful data and enhance your entire marketing approach.

January 18, 2023
6 mins 15 secs

Six Types of Attribution Models and More for Marketing and Sales Optimisation

Attribution modelling is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of marketing that involves assigning credit to different touchpoints along the customer journey for a specific conversion. It can seem like a dry and tedious process but can be fun and rewarding once you really understand the benefits and see the results. By implementing various types of attribution models, marketers can effectively measure the impact of their marketing efforts. In fact, it is even possible to use multiple attribution models simultaneously, providing a more comprehensive understanding of campaign performance.