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TASK Group's Merger with Plexure - Maintaining Visibility in Search

Client Overview

TASK Group, born from the merger of Plexure and TASK, marks a significant milestone in the hospitality technology sector. Plexure, established globally in 2010, excelled in mobile customer engagement, amassing over 323 million users across 66 countries. TASK, founded in 2000, pioneered POS applications and cloud solutions, becoming a trusted name among top hospitality brands worldwide. The merger under TASK Group aimed to merge Plexure's customer engagement expertise with TASK's robust POS systems, aiming for unparalleled customer satisfaction.


The merger presented a unique digital challenge: seamlessly integrating three distinct websites - the Australian TASK site, the global TASK site, and the Plexure site - into a single, cohesive TASK Group global brand. This integration is needed to maintain strong organic search traffic and brand presence during the transition.

The 3WH Strategy

3WH, known for its expertise in website migrations and SEO, was tasked to ensure a smooth digital merger while maintaining search engine rankings.

Key Steps:

  • Content Mapping & Redirects: Detailed mapping of Plexure and TASK Australian site content to create strategic redirect files. This ensured both users and search engines were directed to the most relevant pages on the unified TASK site.
  • Benchmarking Performance: Prior keyword and traffic performance were benchmarked to track and maintain the effectiveness of the integration process.
  • Implementing hreflang: Testing and implementing hreflang tags was essential for directing users to the most relevant language and regional versions of the website, enhancing user experience and SEO.
  • Technical Audit: A comprehensive technical audit was conducted to ensure a seamless integration, preserving the digital footprint and user navigation experience.


The integration was a resounding success, with TASK Group experiencing a smooth merger of digital assets. Mark Hayes, Head of Growth Marketing at TASK, praised 3WH's role in maintaining strong search engine rankings and providing strategic insights throughout the process.


"3WH played a focal role in integrating Plexure with the TASK website, ensuring our search engine rankings remained strong throughout the merger. Their strategic insights and execution proved invaluable."

Mark Hayes | Head of Growth Marketing, TASK


3WH's strategic approach and execution in integrating Plexure with the TASK website played a pivotal role in the successful creation of TASK Group's unified digital presence. The merger not only consolidated their digital assets but also positioned TASK Group as a formidable force in the global market, ready to deliver the future of customer satisfaction with innovative technology and personalised services.