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3WH's Successful Google Analytics 4 Implementation for Convertr


Client: Convertr

Objective: To set up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for Convertr, ensuring accurate tracking and lead attribution for their digital marketing campaigns.


Convertr, known as a Swiss Army knife for agencies and brands in lead generation, required a robust and reliable analytics solution. Their existing setup with Google Analytics (Universal) was becoming obsolete due to the sunsetting of the service. Accurate tracking and attribution of leads from email marketing and advertising campaigns on Google Search and LinkedIn were crucial for Convertr. This accuracy was essential to establish the return on ad spend and make informed marketing decisions.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was transitioning Convertr from Google Analytics (Universal) to GA4. This transition needed to be seamless and effective, ensuring no loss in data quality or tracking accuracy. Additionally, Convertr required a future-proof solution that they could easily manage and adjust as needed.

Our Solution

3WH embarked on a comprehensive project comprising several key stages:

  • Audit of User Flows and Conversion Paths: We meticulously audited the user flows on the Convertr site, documenting all conversion paths. This step was crucial to understand the existing setup and identify areas for improvement.
  • Implementation of GA4 via Google Tag Manager: Working collaboratively with the Convertr team, we utilised Google Tag Manager to implement tags, triggers, and variables. This approach enabled us to collect accurate conversion data within GA4.
  • Re-Audit and Documentation: Post-implementation, we conducted a thorough re-audit to ensure everything was functioning as intended. We also provided comprehensive documentation to Convertr, enabling them to make future adjustments easily.


The GA4 setup by 3WH allowed Convertr to:

  • Run demand generation campaigns with confidence in the accuracy of attributed conversions.
  • Effectively track their marketing campaigns across Google Ads, GA4, and LinkedIn.
  • Make data-driven decisions to enhance their marketing strategies, focusing on successful campaigns and discontinuing the less effective ones.

Client Testimonial

“3WH helped us get GA4 tracking accurately and quickly! As a business, we rely on data to help us make informed decisions on where to spend our marketing budget. Their expertise in GA4 implementation has been invaluable to our team. It also helps that they are really easy to work with!”

Marie Crouan |Head of Demand Generation, Convertr


3WH's successful implementation of GA4 for Convertr demonstrates our expertise in digital analytics and our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that help drive real business results.