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July 19, 2023
7 mins

7 Powerful Steps: How 3WH is Redefining the Bright Future of Tourism in 2023


The tourism sector is much like an ancient mariner: It sails into uncharted waters every year. While digital platforms have acted as the modern compass, navigating this vast ocean in 2023 demands a blend of art, science, and a dash of audacity. Let's embark on a journey to unveil some inventive strategies for tomorrow's tourism horizon.

1. Turning Mobile into Your Best Travel Companion

It's not enough to be mobile-friendly anymore; it's about being mobile-intimate. Think of smartphones as personal travel agents tucked in the pocket of every traveller. It's about creating interfaces that anticipate user's needs, maybe even before they do. Why wait for them to search when your app could suggest an adventure based on their current mood?

2. Beyond Virtual: Crafting Immersive Memories

Let’s face it, VR and AR are passé. It’s time for Immersive Reality (IR). Picture this: Travellers exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu while a holographic guide narrates tales of the Incan Empire. Or diving in the Great Barrier Reef from the comfort of their lounge, feeling the cool water splashes and hearing the distant hum of marine life. If that’s not futuristic enough, nothing is.

3. Crafting Digital Narratives: Make Every Journey a Story

Throw out those generic travel packages! 2023 is about embracing digital storytelling. It's weaving tales around travel experiences, setting each journey as a chapter, with travellers as protagonists. Imagine a platform where users can pen down their tales, with AI turning it into cinematic travel vlogs.

4. Analytics That Feel: Beyond Numbers to Emotions

It's time to move beyond vanilla data points. What if our analytics could tell us that 67% of users felt 'elated' on their trip to Bali, or 'introspective' journeying through the Scottish Highlands? Emotional analytics, measuring sentiment in real-time, could redefine feedback.

5. Content Kaleidoscope: A Symphony of Senses

Let's stretch content beyond blogs and videos. How about sensory content? Imagine a digital brochure on the Amazon Rainforest that lets users feel the rain's texture or smell the earth's aroma after a tropical downpour. In 2023, brands can recreate destinations, one sense at a time.

6. Riding the Social Wave with Organic Ingenuity

In the age of diminishing organic reach, innovation is the saviour. Forget run-of-the-mill posts; think digital treasure hunts, geo-tagged mysteries, or hashtag folklore. The more enigmatic and engaging, the more the organic buzz.

7. Digital Trust Imprints: Let Reviews Become Legends

Every review is a story, an experience, a legend. Instead of mundane star ratings, let's encourage tales—campfire stories of modern-day digital nomads. Every critique, good or bad, adds to the folklore of a destination or service.


Navigating 2023's tourism landscape is less about tech gimmicks and more about crafting memorable, genuine experiences. It's an artful blend of the tangible and intangible, creating a mosaic of memories, emotions, and journeys. With these strategies, brands won’t just be a part of the narrative; they'll be the ones weaving it.

At 3WH, we're not just digital marketers. We're dream weavers, story spinners, and horizon expanders. Let’s not just traverse the digital expanse of 2023; let’s redefine it.

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